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For many years, I’ve been no stranger to the therapist’s couch. I first sought the counsel of a professional therapist to help confront unresolved childhood struggles and persistently strained relationships as an adult. Growing up gay in a small, deeply religious Southern town, I realized early that society had “otherized” me for simply being myself. While those around me steadfastly clung to these oppressive systems and non-sensical social structures, I felt compelled (but not always courageous) enough to reject them.

Hi, I'm Nathaniel 

That sense of curiosity and rebellion inspired an early career in the performing arts and a second career as an entrepreneur, having Co-Founded a successful LA-based beauty brand. But despite those successes, I still yearned for a stronger identity and purpose. The process of self-interrogation led me to a Masters Degree program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, where I started to develop a deeper sense of self, alongside a heightened empathy for the world at large, and later receiving a certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).


I believe in the healing power of a therapeutic relationship. In a safe and accepting space, our relationship becomes a catalyst for growth and transformation. Together, we foster a deep connection and trust that enhances the therapeutic process, allowing you to explore and heal with authenticity and vulnerability.

We offer a wide range of therapy services to support your unique needs:

  • Individual Therapy: One-on-one sessions tailored to your specific challenges and goals.
  • Couples Therapy: Strengthen your relationship, improve communication, and deepen your connection.
  • Family Therapy: Navigate through conflicts, enhance understanding, and foster healthier family dynamics.
  • Group Therapy: Find support, share experiences, and learn from others facing similar challenges.
  • Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: KAP (Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy) combines the power of ketamine medication and therapeutic support for profound healing and personal growth.

Therapy Services

What does Kap treat?

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) takes a holistic approach, addressing symptoms, negative thought patterns, lifestyle factors, trauma, coping skills, and brain chemistry for effective healing. Combining ketamine and therapy shows evidence of longer-lasting improvements in depression severity. KAP accelerates the therapeutic process, leading to transformative results in weeks rather than years. Experience emotional growth and enhanced well-being through the introspective nature of KAP. 

Going beyond symptom management. It allows you to delve into the root causes of your challenges, promoting healing. By opening the door to psychedelic exploration, ketamine enables objective reflection on past events, experiences, and traumas. Combined with talk therapy, this process facilitates processing, understanding, and emotional release.

Assisted Psychotherapy


I see myself as a compassionate and curious companion on your journey, helping you create meaning from the events that have unfolded in your life. Together we'll develop a path forward that makes sense for you and is centered on your unique needs and preferences. Most often I use mindfulness, EMDR, parts work, and talk therapy.

Most of my clients experience anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, low self-esteem and/or some kind of trauma. My specialties include: postpartum depression, birth trauma, ADHD, trauma, problems with your family of origin, childhood trauma, attachment issues, codependency, couples & marriage counseling.

Dana Nassau, AMFT 

My goal as a therapist is to be your guide on the transformative journey back to yourself. Through our collaborative work, we'll explore your inner life, untangle limiting patterns and beliefs, and cultivate a mind-body connection. In this more present, embodied space, life's challenges become opportunities for growth and transformation. Together, we'll sow the seeds for a new vision of your life.
My approach is multidisciplinary, incorporating Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and psychodynamic principles. This provides a holistic framework for your self-discovery journey. I believe in a personalized and collaborative therapeutic experience where your lived experience holds significant importance. I am here to guide you on your path to healing.

Elizabeth Collier, AMFT


Our Associates

In my work I discovered I felt most connected to the emotional and mental aspect of art—how does music, and other art forms, make us feel and heal? Psychotherapy allows me to blend creativity and an innate interest in the healing of others.

My approach to therapy is person-centered and strengths-based, meaning that I believe in empowering my clients to utilize their unique strengths and skills to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. I also believe that everyone has the capacity for growth and change, regardless of their past experiences. Using psychodynamic, relational, and dialectical behavioral approaches, I work with clients seeking to enrich their lives with a higher sense of satisfaction.

Mason Allred, AMFT


Mason Allred, AMFT

I provide a modern, customized therapeutic experience and my therapy style is person-focused and relaxed. I think the best way I can help you is to really get to know you. There’s room to talk about things that are challenging and whose music you’re vibing with, and everything in between. If you’re asking yourself, “does she really want to hear about this?” The answer is “yes.” If it’s about how you feel or how you think, it’s relevant. The more open you are, the more likely we can do great work together. 

Along with my focus on relationship building, I like to pull from different styles, including narrative, evidence-based and attachment theory to create a custom approach for each client. 

Montana Buss, AMFT


Meet Our Associates

Our dedicated therapists are here to help you find meaning in life's unfolding events, supporting you as you navigate the path forward.  With our guidance, you can embark on a transformative therapeutic journey.


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